Sax setvalidating

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is defo finding the xml file, as if I change the name of the xml file I get a different (File Not Found) exception.I've just checked and the line causing the problem is: Validating(true as CEHJ said validation needs an existing object to validate against, you nay take either shema or dtd.If I go to this site and enter the XML and XSD files they validate fine ... do you think I need to do to get this to work with validation turned on?This tutorial uses the Java language in its demonstrations, but the concepts are substantially similar in all languages, and you can gain a thorough understanding of SAX without actually working through the examples.The standard means for reading and manipulating XML files is the Document Object Model (DOM).

I get the same error even if I swap for file:/c:/path_to_xsd_folde Well, the question is answered, as in it's now validating the XML using the XSD reachable, it's in the same directory as both the XML file and the Java file.The problems now seem to be to do with the recursive nature of my elements, and the naming conflicts that produces.Anyway, more points are available on that score here ... Steve CEHJ, it's not that I don't value your advice, I do: you've helped me many times before.

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