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The name Persol is derived from “per il sole”, which in Italian means “for the sun”.As aviation takes off after the Wright Brother’s first manned powered flight many different models of aircraft were manufactured as more and more people took off for the wild blue yonder.

Protector glasses received notice when Major Gabriele d’Annunzio (for whom a model was made to measure) and Captain Natale Palli wore them on their historic flight over Vienna on 9 August 1918, as well as from Francesco De Pinedo on his transatlantic flight that lasted some 193 hours!

Soon they were adopted by early military aviators and pilots in the Italian Military Aviation units.

These were the original aviator sunglasses with the classic tear drop shape that remains popular to this day.

It was important that they spend the daylight period to hunt and gather food for the coming long, dark winter, so protecting their eyes and making it easier to see their prey was essential.

I can imagine an Inuit wife getting frustrated at her husband complaining about red, sore eyes and being tired after hunting and gathering all day long and telling her husband to “fix it”! Well, using what was available an early Inuit sliced a cross section of a walrus tusk, flattened it and then made slits in the material. The earliest form of aviator sunglasses were made by the American Optical Company (c.

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