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They should be considered weapons of mass destruction.If you are really concerned about media effects, forget videogames: you should start burning libraries right now.

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If that was the case, how many deaths do you think videogames have caused so far? I hope any videogame detractor would agree with me that this is an outrageously exaggerated figure.

Why would the designer allow me to knock on doors if I could never get in?

I imagine that this is the part of this article when some reader on the other side of the world smiles and accuses me of having no idea of what I am talking about, since she happens to know that there actually are some doors in Shenmue that will open after you knock on them.

In order to showcase why GTA3 succeeded where other have previously failed, I will compare it to Shenmue, another ambitious game with a similar scope.

I conducted a non-scientific poll among my friends asking which word described GTA3 the best.

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