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Little wonder, then, that so many of Hollywood's little helpers seek fringe benefit in the form of an A-list liaison.And the evidence is mounting that the celebrity-staff relationship is becoming one of the most popular in the business."I was blown away -- especially by Natalie, who was amazing to watch." Being a film-crew member appears to be a particularly fortuitous route into the affections of an A-lister.Julia Roberts broke a long string of celebrity lovers when she dated -- and eventually married -- cameraman Danny Moder (who worked on her movie 'The Mexican').It seemed an unlikely union: the pop oligarch and the lowly crew member.Yet the pair astounded everyone when they announced their engagement last February.Within months of meeting, the pair eloped and married, and ended up, in a curious turn, starting their married life living alongside Blazic's extended family in Beverly Hills.Aside from fraternising with the crew, A-listers have ploughed a rich furrow with their own staff members.

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What's more, these PAs are more than adept at handling the demands and peccadilloes of the hugely famous.

Later, Winslet went on to marry Sam Mendes, an eminent director several rungs up the food chain from her first husband.

After he spent months at large as the one celebrity who could not be tamed, Simon Cowell fell for the charms of Mezhgan Hussainy, a make-up artist on 'American Idol'.

Just this month, Reese Witherspoon announced her engagement to agent Jim Toth.

In a rather neat coincidence, Toth works at the Creative Artists Agency, where Reese is one of the high-profile clients.

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