Signs you re dating a pathological liar

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For instance, if your partner was late to a dinner you planned, he or she may blame it on a massive tire blowout, a dead phone battery, or lost apartment keys rather than simply admitting the real reasons why he or she wasn't on time.Liars often avoid admitting any fault at all costs and typically come up with different reasons as to why they’re never the one in the wrong.However, in most instances, liars tend to promise you the world but not actually deliver on anything that he or she had said.And while you’d like to take your partner at his or her word and believe that he or she is honorable and truthful, you may come to realize that these promises and pledges are empty and meaningless.

Does your partner keep you in the loop about his or her whereabouts and check in with you often?Unfortunately, there are a lot of liars in the world.And when you're single, your bound to come across one sooner or later when dating.For instance, if your partner mentioned that he or she left work at five on the dot and went straight home but then later told you that he or she stayed at work until eight o’clock, these inconsistencies should sound off an alarm in your head that he or she isn’t being entirely honest with you.Have you ever noticed that your partner tends to come up with excuses that vindicate him or herself from blame, wrongdoing, or suspicion?

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