Simple example program of validating form using onblur function Free kannada sex chat

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Especially the more problematic inputs like colour.

Yeah, imagine your user is Dutch and they think that's 123.456 (one hundred twenty three wholes and four hundred fifty six thousandths). (Over here, 50 euros is displayed as €50,00 or €50,- so the decimal-comma problem is...

The moment of losing the focus (“blur”) can be even more important.

That’s when a user clicks somewhere else or presses to go to the next form field, or there are other means as well.

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There are important peculiarities when working with focus events.

What is infuriating however is the way that Chrome/Chromium insists on adding commas to numbers, so my order number 123456 becomes 123,456 to the user.

Not a massive problem because submitting it will submit 123456 but nevertheless, I don't want it to display that way.

Cheers guys According to the specification, if you just pass-through an input that is required and don't enter anything, the validation doesn't need to fire; only when you either enter something invalid or when you submit the form.

I needed it to validate if you pass through a required field without entering anything too, so this is helpful for me. Obviously the input in my example would have other arguments, like: There are probably two specifications, unless the WHATWG and W3C are absolutely together on this one.

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