Single saved and dating

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Even though we did not win, we praise God for the chance to be a Christian light on National TV.Our goal in our marriage is to live so God can get the glory out of our lives. Then we’ll get down to business as you set your intention for how you’re going to grow in these next 4 weeks.

I can recall helping my sister and her family move into their new home last summer.If we are honest with ourselves, these thoughts have crossed our minds as single mothers.Can we tell you about the story of Mary and Joseph, the parents of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? At some point we have all made these wonderful plans of where we’d all be in ten years post high school or college.That’s why it is so vital for Christian couples to cherish, appreciate and honor this gift that God has given us.Marriage was designed to be a beautiful example of His perfect love for mankind.

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