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This fits well with the state’s political culture, which is equal parts charming and lunatic.Larry Drake, who chairs the Rockingham County Democrats, a Republican-leaning region in the state’s south-eastern corner, and reckons he has seen 15 declared and prospective candidates so far in this cycle, explains that New Hampshire has kept its methods of political administration relatively unchanged for the past few centuries.On a recent presidential-election map, southern New Hampshire is solidly Republican.Republicans outnumber Democrats in 34 of Rockingham’s 37 towns.To ensure that ordinary citizens can take part in the political process, the state begins its legislative sessions in winter, when farms lie fallow.The bedrock political entity is the town rather than the county or region and, as in much of New England, town Boards of Selectmen—in effect, powerful city councils—make virtually all political decisions.Most Democrats seem to understand that harbouring grudges this year could hand the White House back to Mr Trump.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

In a series of transactions, including multiple IPOs, acquisitions and management buyouts, Will created almost B in value for his investors.

We match startups with multiple investors for very fast individual pitches. The second half is open to the public and occurs after all the pitches have been completed.

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Over one weekend in mid-March Mr Drake attended two town caucuses, where local party committees chose leaders, as well as town hall meetings with two presidential candidates: Amy Klobuchar, who spoke in a gym at a local school, and John Hickenlooper, who made a deeply on-brand appearance at a deconsecrated church that is now a bar (Mr Hickenlooper once owned a brew pub).

A caucus made Mr Drake miss a third; Tulsi Gabbard drew a crowd to a public library in Plaistow. “If they don’t come here,” says Mr Drake, “it’s political malpractice.” New Hampshire is small, but an early victory lets a candidate build momentum and then a war-chest.

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