Stocking dating

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Stocking insists that everything she eats goes to her breasts, which hasn't been confirmed to be true. Her stockings in this form are black with dark blue stripes. The dress has white frills, a white stripe at the bottom, its waist is tied with a dark blue bow, and there is a white collar tied with a dark blue bow, complete with white sleeves at the ends. Her stockings in this form are white with light blue stripes.

However, her chest is shown to be bigger than Panty's. She wears silver heels with open fingers, white loose dress with gray stripe at the bottom, and with white bows with light blue hearts on the sides, silver gorset, white-gray bust around, silver trim with light blue heart on the front and with silver straps, silver choker with white frills, silver bracelet on both arms and two silver bracelets on both wrists and white one finger gloves that reach her arms.

That night, she confessed to him she was an angel, and that one of her duties was to dispose of ghosts.

She also told him she was willing to forsake her duties as an angel, in order to be with him. After seeing her sister leave, Panty tried killing the ghost off, but Stocking stopped her, telling her she couldn't understand her feelings, for she had never fallen in love before.

She has pale skin and a typical ”Hime Cut” hairstyle.

Her hair is navy on the outside while pink on the inside, and is tied with a bow (dark blue in human form, light blue in angel form).

Stripes I & II are able to hurt any spiritual being, such as angels, demons and ghosts.In "Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City", Stocking, while helping Panty find new men to sleep with, saw the ghost hitting on a few girls, and immediately went to talk to him.He was rude to her, stank, and was generally a very unpleasant person.Stocking physically appears as about 17-19 years old (though in reality she is about 1700 years old), which can be deduced from the fact that physically she is at least one year younger than Panty.Because of this she can still attend high school, most likely as a second year student.

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