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His character is known to be a bit stubborn, but fiercely loyal and determined to make things happen the right way.In real life, Williams is definitely just as loyal.Since joining the show as April Kepner, Sarah Drew has been a standout.Fans immediately connected to her, and Kepner's devotion to her religion was a storyline not often seen on network television.In his farewell message to the actresses, Williams not only highlighted their work on screen, but their personalities off screen as well.

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She recently Tweeted a message to her fans, encouraging them not to send hateful messages to Kelly Mc Creary (who plays Maggie).has introduced fans to countless medical terms and truly taught the meaning of bad luck.The employees of Seattle Grace Hospital, now Grey Sloan Memorial, have endured deranged shooters, bombs and several transportation accidents (there's been a plane crash, a train crash, a ferry crash and more)., Patrick Dempsey may forever be referred to as just "Mc Dreamy".He was the gorgeous, kind-hearted, albeit troubled doctor that everyone wanted to be with.

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