Taylor swift and stephen barker liles dating

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Swift has always written about her life, but as her fame as bloomed, the subjects of her songs have morphed from random high school guys to incredibly famous celebrities, and fans have had more fun asking, “So who’s this one about?” We’ve put together a sourced list of the inspiration behind some of her many songs.“Picture to Burn” Taylor’s earliest and most savage diss track—”I hate that stupid old pickup truck / You never let me drive / You’re a redneck heartbreak / Who’s really bad at lying” is about high school classmate Jordan Alford, who dated her as a freshman.Love and Theft is an American country music group founded by Stephen Barker Liles, Eric Gunderson, and Brian Bandas, all three of whom alternated as lead singers and acoustic guiarists.I think you and I should stay the same [Chorus] 'Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you Can't help it if there's no one else Mmm, I can't help myself [Bridge] They're dimming the street lights, you're perfect for me Why aren't you here tonight?I'm waiting alone now, so come on and come out And pull me near and shine, shine, shine Hey Stephen, I could give you fifty reasons Why I should be the one you choose All those other girls, well, they're beautiful But would they write a song for you?

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Sources say that these two dated briefly after meeting on the set of “Valentine’s Day” and this song looks a lot like an apology!

Jonas including “Forever and Always” and “You’re Not Sorry.” 2 After Joe Jonas left her for Camilla Belle, Taylor Swift wrote “Better Than Revenge” about Belle!

In the song, the singer doesn’t hold anything back!

“It’s totally flattering to have somebody write a song like that for you,” he told People magazine.

5 Taylor Swift’s song “Enchanted” is about singer-songwriter Adam Young.

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