The dating guy russell peters

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Over the past three decades the comic has performed to huge crowds at New York’s Madison Square Garden and London’s O2 Arena and was the first comic to film a straight-to-Netflix comedy special.

We caught up with the charming comic to talk about a life in comedy, the UAE back in the day and why he doesn’t connect with social media. When I started all those years ago I never thought I was still be here 30 years later.

If I shake up the place it’s more incidental that intentional.I’ve not allowed mobile phones at my shows for the past ten years.That’s why I have security guys with me They’re not there to keep me safe they’re there to make sure that no one is recording. It’s to make sure you stay in the moment, enjoy yourself and have the best time possible.Just enjoy the moment, let’s not worry about getting the shot, this isn’t a movie this is real life.You were one of the first comedians to ban phones at your shows is that right?

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