Thinkers and feelers dating

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As an introverted thinker, I found the activity to be really helpful.

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Certain types like sticking to a distinct plan; others feel anxious and boxed-in if everythingt function unless a plan is in place—even on vacation," says Linden. They are quick to fall in love with the idea of someone, or the idea of love, but then can struggle with the reality of it – the reality that isn’t always logical or coherent or aesthetically appealing. They recognize that compatibility is as essential as chemistry, but that it’s not an exact science. It’s not always natural for them to learn to follow their hearts. To follow their hearts, they have to trust themselves. Between your confirmation biases, inability to predict happiness, inherent selfishness, level of denial and so on, people basically spend their lives reaffirming whatever they want to be true. A side effect of this is that they attract partners to re-create old relationships, rather than complement them as individuals. They try to shield themselves from potential pain by identifying ways potential partners aren’t quite good enough. Deep thinkers are obsessed with things that look beautiful and make sense. People who think deeply understand that simply loving someone is not enough to sustain a relationship, and therein breeds the problem. If they were this way, they wouldn’t have developed their capacity to think so much in the first place. Those who haven’t gone through any significant degree of pain in their lives usually have no reason to be so analytical or contemplative.Reading between the lines can be a common trap for couples."The more different your personality preferences are from the other persons, the more likely you will get it wrong when you try to guess their intentions," says Linden.

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