This printer is updating the firmware

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(Other languages may display more of less characters.) in order to tell the firmware which thermistor we are using we need to select the proper thermistor table for both hot ends and heatbed. In this example you see 5 parameters related to temperature sensors. Use « 5 » for E3D V6 or Alu Hot End hot ends Use « 13 » for Allinone About the heatbed it mainly depends on what thermistor you are using, for Scalar XL and Scalar M 3D printers we are using 100K NTC beta 3950 1% thermistors so we are using table « 11 » The PID, also known as « proportional–integral–derivative » controller, is used to control the heating element temperature.

For more information on this topic please check the wikipedia page: Near line 194, you have the ability to enable/disable PID functionality.

Once opened the ide should look like this It’s really useful for you to increase the size of the window in order to better see the line of codes later on.

To expand the window size click on the increase size on the top right corner of the application.

this printer is updating the firmware-82

This file mainly contains all the configuration parameters for your printer. Also a comment can be added at the end or middle of a line.the lines in color are active while the lines in grey are comments. In that case the beginning of the line will be colored and the remaining part past « // » will be greyed. Comments are very useful in order to give a lot of relevant information about the specific meaning of each settings.Parameters are often defined following a « #define » keyword.Now you will need to setup your ide in order to properly select the output platform.for this you will need to go into your menu « Tools Board » and select « Arduino/Genuino mega or Mega 2560 » And then select the proper Processor « Atmega2560(Mega 2560) » Now connector to your 3D printer USB port and make sure that the arduino is properly detected by your pc. On the top of the IDE, in the green part, you should find many tabs called « Marlin », « Conditionals.h », « Configuration.h » etc…

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