Tips on dating bogotanos

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Having been to Italy before, I was put off by their whole gay hang-up thing, even in the big cities. My days of experimenting with anything of that nature are long past, and I’m way too chickenshit to even try. Basically a bland Sunbelt city where people speak Spanish.R40, all the ones I’ve seen have been uncut and delicious. Cart Egan was more interesting but has a lot of crime. However, if you would rather not be killed, robbed or have the mother of all torrential bloody diarrhea... I can now say I’ve had my share of Colombian pinga. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed as much aguardiente in my life as I have these past few days..

brown murky water, filthy streets and vendors hassling you everywhere.I saw a few people capturing stealth cellphone video coverage while some of the guys did their show, so I am not quite sure what their policy is for cellphones. Vast majority of the crowd is men, with some rooms more mixed than others.They have a men-only room that wasn’t open on Thursday. I’m staying at a Mister B&B and already hooked up with the owner (he’s hot and bearded and an extremeley hospitable host).It is an exciting, cultured city with no lack of things to do or gay sex to be had. R6, some of the male strippers are more amenable to how much you can touch (or more) than others.

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