Trouble updating webroots spysweeper

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:-( Sorry about that, Must make it hard to read with all that junk in there.

EXE O23 - Service: Pml Driver HPZ12 - HP - C:\WINDOWS\system32\HPZipm12O23 - Service: Symantec AVScan (SAVScan) - Symantec Corporation - C:\Program Files\Norton Anti Virus\O23 - Service: Symantec Network Drivers Service (SNDSrvc) - Symantec Corporation - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\O23 - Service: SPBBCSvc - Symantec Corporation - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\O23 - Service: Symantec Core LC - Symantec Corporation - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\O23 - Service: Webroot Spy Sweeper Engine (Webroot Spy Sweeper Service) - Webroot Software, Inc.

TYPE=3&tp=iesearch&locale=EN_US&c=Q105&bd=pavilion&pf=desktop R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main, Search Page =

TYPE=3&tp=iesearch&locale=EN_US&c=Q105&bd=pavilion&pf=desktop R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main, Start Page = R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main, Window Title = Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast R3 - URLSearch Hook: AOLTBSearch Class - - C:\Program Files\AOL\AOL Toolbar 3.0\F2 - REG:system.ini: User Init=C:\WINDOWS\system32\O2 - BHO: Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Active X\Acro O2 - BHO: Comcast Toolbar - - C:\PROGRA~1\COMCAS~2\COMCAS~1.

DLL O2 - BHO: NAV Helper - - C:\Program Files\Norton Anti Virus\Nav Sh O2 - BHO: Google Toolbar Helper - - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar2O2 - BHO: (no name) - - (no file) O3 - Toolbar: &Google - - c:\program files\google\googletoolbar2O3 - Toolbar: Norton Anti Virus - - C:\Program Files\Norton Anti Virus\Nav Sh O3 - Toolbar: Comcast Toolbar - - C:\PROGRA~1\COMCAS~2\COMCAS~1.

DLL O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Spy Sweeper] "C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\Spy Sweeper UI.exe" /startintray O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [cc App] "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\cc App.exe" O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [NAV Cfg Wiz] "C:\Program Files\Norton Anti Virus\Cfg Wiz.exe" /GUID /MODE Cfg Wiz /CMDLINE "REBOOT" O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [MSConfig] "C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\Help Ctr\Binaries\MSConfig.exe" /auto O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [Sys Protect] C:\Program Files\Sys Protect\/scan O4 - HKLM\..\Run Once: [fat.exe] C:\Program Files\Win Anti Virus Pro 2006\O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [ctfmon.exe] C:\WINDOWS\system32\O8 - Extra context menu item: &AOL Toolbar Search - c:\program files\aol\aol toolbar 3.0\resources\en-US\local\O8 - Extra context menu item: E&xport to Microsoft Excel - res://C:\PROGRA~1\MI1933~1\OFFICE11\EXCEL.

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