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Due to the nature of some of the pictures every Anonymous in the thread was making retarded assumptions about Loli-chan being a cutter and all of the pedophiles were hoping that someone will post her nudes.

On August 28, 2012, Loli-chan was capped on paywhoring website My Free Cams using the username Jezeb3l.

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In a March interview with The Wall Street Journal, he expressed his regrets over his role in the site’s creation, and warned that the violent culture that had taken root on 8chan’s boards could lead to more mass shootings. “Am I ever going to be able to move on with my life? Watkins, who runs 8chan along with his son, Ronald, has remained defiant in the face of criticism, and has resisted calls to moderate or shut down the site.

When she first became a -chan she had no camera of her own.

She was forced to use several family cameras to take her pictures.

It is ok you use the same username on all Hard Candy sites (i.e.

Loli Fan777 on all Hard Candy), but don't use the same username on hard candy sites as you do on the clearnet.

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