Updating a sql table from excel

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This operation can be done in SQL by using aggregate functions and GROUP BY command.Syntax: In this article, we have looked at the SQL commands for 10 common excel operations like view, sort, filter, delete, lookup and summarizing data.SQL JOIN is used to combine rows from two or more tables, based on a common field between them.It has multiple types: Exercise: Below is city category table “City_Cat”, now I want to map city category to Employee table and show all records of Employee table.(Note: If you find any trouble, please write to me in comments section below.Related : Basics of SQL and RDBMS for Beginners Here is the list of commonly used excel operation.Similarly, SQL has command DELETE to remove records from a table.

Once you understand Excel operations, learning SQL is very easy.

The most used function of excel by any BI professional / data analyst is VLOOKUP().

It helps to map data from other table to parent table.

When data is filtered, only rows that meet the filter criteria is displayed while other rows get hidden.

Also, we can apply multiple criterion to filter data.

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