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- I tried disconnecting the power from the four SATA drives which make up my RAID 5 (D:) drive then changing the setting from RAID to IDE in the BIOS. - Now when I go into Startup Repair I see a graphical corruption (the picture is garbled and looks like a CPU wafer) but when I boot into Ubuntu Linux everything still works fine My thoughts so far...- I am convinced that the problem is caused by Windows not working correctly with the driver for the RAID controller that the boot drive uses and it makes sense to me that I might have to edit the registry to force Windows to look for new drivers (as I've seen in another post), but I cant find much about how to edit (not just restore to a backup) the registry without being able to boot Windows and having a functioning system in the end.

updating bios and raid-75

updating bios and raid-12

updating bios and raid-46

updating bios and raid-6

197177m6dcht1h2 2)Download the Bios file for your board 3)Download whatever Intel Rom version you wish to use "search google" MAKE SURE YOU USE CORRESPONDING IRST & INSTALL THAT FIRST Latest IRST can be found here 4) Run the MM Tool inside the first link.i installed the Intel Rapid folder, did not touch the x64 and x32 (my pc is x64).Question is do i need to touch the Raid Config install file? "Those who are willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither" Ben Franklin Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z Intel I7-2700K OC to 4.7 @ 1.330 volts 2X EVGA 660TI SLI G.- When I disable restart on boot failure I get a BSOD that gives no file or message (other than the usual A problem has been detected blah blah blah same old stuff) with the Technical information: *** STOP: (0x FFFFF880009A9928,0x FFFFFFFFC0000034,0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000) - Last known good configuration does not help.- When running Startup Repair, System Restore to the only restore point given (installing the @BIOS utility) also does not help.

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