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Adding PCC to UPN Who should add Personnel Category Code (PCC) to User Principal Name (UPN)?

If your information is not accurate in the DEERS system, you may be denied prescriptions at your local pharmacy, even while you are eligible for coverage.

Updating your DEERS information helps your healthcare team continue to provide the best medical care to all of our past, present and future heroes.

You must first return to a RAPIDS location, obtain a new CAC, and then you can use IDCO to update your PKI Certificates or add a PCC.

HOW UPDATE YOUR DEERS INFORMATION Military service members can verify DEERS information by contacting your regional TRICARE support contractor, local TRICARE service center, or the nearest uniformed services personnel ID-card facility.

Maintaining correct DEERS information is critical; old or incorrect information often creates delays and problems with TRICARE claims.

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