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Your router’s firmware is basically the operating system that's specifically designed to run on your specific make and model of router.That is, unless you're using a multi-router compatible open source firmware such as DD-WRT.Router manufacturers might also issue a firmware update to add new features to the router, such as parental control settings or IPv6 support.Other upgrades might include adding entirely new security mechanisms that weren’t in previous versions of the firmware.Every router is different, but there's still usually a somewhat similar process for upgrading the router’s firmware.

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However, unlike updating computer software, which you can usually do with a simple updater tool, router firmware upgrades are not as easy to understand.FOR PRODUCTS THAT HAVE REACHED END-OF-LIFE, PLEASE GO TO OUR LEGACY PRODUCTS SITE.When you use any mesh Wi Fi device at your home, you must consider TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home device at once.once firmware is updated, you must reboot your device for once.These are these steps for updating firmware for TP-Link Deco 5 Whole-Home device using mobile application.

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