Updating my rac sat navs

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You'll often need to connect it to a laptop or desktop computer, too.

To get started, we recommend first checking your device's manual - it should tell you exactly how to update the maps.

Updating is usually straightforward, but it can be time consuming.

Try to do an update the day before you need to use your sat nav, rather than just before a long journey.

We’ve got Core, Advanced and Traffic ranges for cars, camper vans and trucks to assist the needs of all motorists.

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The latest available map packs are available for the following devices; . Our extensive range of sat nav help you to plan journerys without fuss.From sat navs offering the basic route planning functions to the advanced models featuring smartphone pairing, lane guidance, map updates, voice recognition, diversion alers and much more Enhance your sat nav with our range of great accessories.It will usually tell you to visit a 'map updates' or 'support' area of your sat nav manufacturer's website. You'll most likely be asked to plug in your sat nav via a USB cable (use the one that came with the sat nav if you can, as not all USB cables may be compatible), and then prompted to download a small software file.Once this has finished downloading, simply open it and follow the instructions, making sure that your sat nav is still plugged in to your computer.

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