Updating samsung blu ray player

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(DVD plays fine on the POS Vizio 3D BD player I have (that came in a package deal and does NOT play videos through it's USB port))I cannot get more than three minutes into a video or DVD now without it cutting off, except for two specific files on the flash drive I usually use.

Then it plays for almost six hours without going into it's psycho mode (until last night, it went more than four, but not sure how much longer. Opened up the player twice now (and left the cover off the second time to maximize cooling, no change) and there are no apparent loose solders, no parts noticeably warmer to the touch, no bulges in any capacitors, but every indication is a heat issue.

Saw your fix, but i assumed you're an internet troll with nothing better to do than post false b.s. So I took the cover off, pulled out the brown ribbon, put it back together and now it works perfect.

It's been on now almost 3 hrs, so definitely fixed. If anyone else reads this and has a touch screen samsung bluray player that is cycling on & off, this works. That only has basic functions compared to the remote.

When re-connecting this lead to CN2 neither the USB or DVD Player work, but the cycling on/off returns fairly quickly. Can't update to Firmware 1018 thru USB, or watch DVD's. I beleive you have disconnected one of the larger flex cables going down to main electronic board. Best regards Hello Svend, Please accept my sincere apologies for the lengthy delay in responding to your kind advice re: BD-E8500 M on/off problem.

Fortunately, my unit behaved itself after a short while.

However, the upside is that your Blu Ray player will no longer cycle on and off. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for bothering to post your fix.

Took 15 minutes to pull apart and put back together. Had I not found your instructions I would have trashed my two year old machine. I tried reinstating the 'Brown Ribbon Lead' to no avail. I didn't pull the touch screen board out, just pulled the front fascia forward until I could see a brown ribbon, and disconnected it in the one place. I suspected the myriad of "hey it worked perfectly! I can only hope that you eventually got your unit working properly, as the CN2 cable disconnect solution definitely does work (providing you didn't mistakenly/accidentally disconnect/disturb any other cable connections etc). Regards Chris Lynch Hello, Sorry, just came back on the CNET site re: a totally separate matter, then noticed all the 'THANKS VERY MUCH' etc messages from some of the poor sods out there, (like me) who discovered the annoying on/off problem with their Samsung DVD device.

It was in it's mood when I checked it again.) I even formatted a second flash drive and loaded it one file at a time to see if there was an issue with fragmented files on the USB drives. The unit will go on and off incessantly for five to ten minutes, cycling below twenty seconds each phase, and then stay off for a period close to seven minutes and then tries to start up again.

Once again it goes into the cycling off and on for a couple of minutes before it once again stays off for a longer period.

If anyone is still using your bluray to stream stuff, go get a Chromecast or Roku or something like that. My Blu Ray/3D Samsung player kept shutting off and also started shuffling through different modes on it's own. Managed to stab my finger with the screw driver, but I managed to,wha This seems to have worked. I managed to stab myself with the screwdriver, but I got it done.

My Samsung Blue ray recorder BD8900 started doing this all of a sudden while we were watching a movie on Internet. Unplugging, restarting did not help, and I knew for a fact that Samsung is gonna be hopeless. Easily unplugged the touch panel cable and problem fixed. I opened it up and disconnected that brown ribbon and now it plays perfectly. Thank Christ I gave up on Samsung and their so called tech co, namely Repair Tech, but I tried real hard, almost pleading with them to help.

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