Updating the firmware on a creative mp3 player

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Sansa e200 not recognized by the computer Forum - e200v1 and v2 board - e200v R FAQs1. 'Load image failed' appears after updating Sansa e200 firmware 5.I fixed it by taking the battery out and then putting it back in. Now when I plugged it in to my computer the computer will not reconize it. I have tried over ten diffrent usb cabels and none of them will work. Neither really makes much sense to me, but both of these programs have the key essential capability that you need: to open up your existing audio files and copy them or sync them with your Creative Zen player.The Zen player can handle three primary types of audio files too, the common MP3 format, WMA format and the more unusual WAV format.

Sansa m200 series player is frozen and unresponsive 2.The real issue now is I'm not able to upgrade the firmware. The Zen Micro goes to the Creative intro screen then stops. There are couple of good sites that explain how to get the drive out. hate i tried leaving it till battery wores out or removing battery but nothing happens ..The firmware loader (either 2or 1.xx) would show some progress (two/three points). Same time my player instead of firmware upgrade logo it displays recovery mode with docking logo. I was able to remove the 6gig micro drive and I tried to access in my CFII slot on my media reader. I was able to get a new drive from a WD portable USB drive on sale. I installed the WD drive, reformated and installed the firmware again. If all you can get to is the recovery screen there is a good chance it is a bad drive. 2 friends of mine with different creatives have probles.. I was about to just trash it since it's out of warranty, but since the player came with an extra battery, I thought I'd give it a shot..enough, I put the new battery in that I've almost never used and everything is working fine.Hello, I have a Creative zen v plus 2mg mp3 player. It recentaly had a problem where it would not do anything,even when I reset it.

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