Updating xml net

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I have Windows XP Home SP3, with Microsoft Update set to automatic download - can anyone tell me why I do not get all the necessary upadtes? I also often get on computer startup a message requesting me to send an error report to Microsoft that includes a few episodes of Outlook not responding.

Any idea what this could be about and how to prevent both? Backing Up Money Files Do any versions of Money allow backing up data to cds, rather than floppy discs?

For an explanation of what's involved, see: Has the record been printed?

at: article includes a free sample database that dem...

Then an automatic update came down this morning and I can't open the file - it says "Publisher cannot open file" Other documents in Publisher are opening - any ideas?

Then next time the report runs, In my query criteria I will test for True values on the Yes/No field.

Then only the records with the Yes/No field marked No will print. Thanks Tommyboy,there's more to this question than meets the eye.

All of them allow it in the sense that they don't prevent or preclude it.

None of them allow it in the sense of enabling it by providing their own CD burning engine.

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