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About a decade ago, seeking some extra freedom of our own, my wife and I sold our farm in Michigan and moved to Montana to be close to our daughters and grandchildren.

We’ve been coming to Montana ever since 1968 for its beauty and my fishing.

One of the fans of Brown Dog is a feminist lawyer, which seemed unlikely but when I asked her why, she said it was because Brown Dog loved women with no “irony or backspin,” often an affliction for sophisticated men.

Brown Dog is jubilant about the great outdoors, doesn’t have a Social Security card, and the only mail he ever gets is a driver’s license renewal form. I wanted to create a totally free man, which means he is poor but doesn’t care.

We caught trout near a waterfall and slept wonderfully aided by a little booze and the thundering water.

There are plenty of black bears around but of no concern as they go to great lengths to avoid you.

He is even sexually excited about a rotund dentist while getting a tooth pulled.I was quite happy to reach the civilization of a tavern.As a child living in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula, I felt cheated with a winter of light snow.There was a place near Grand Marais of nearly 60 miles of undisturbed beach, no people, no dwellings, just beach and water.Louis Agassiz, the great Harvard zoologist, was also mystified by the Upper Peninsula during an expedition in the 1850s with the geologist and physician Douglass Houghton, the virtual father of the peninsula whose name is affixed to many Michigan features.

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