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Harris, Don, Duffy, Vincent, Smith, Michael, Stephanidis, Constantine (eds.) Human-Centred Computing Cognitive, Social, and Ergonomic Aspects June 2003, 2003, Crete, Greece. Sutherland, Jackie, Duffy, Vincent (2007): Validating Optical Motion Capture Assessments of the Dynamic Aspects of Work. (eds.) ICDHM 2007 - First International Conference on Digital Human Modeling July 22-27, 2007, Beijing, China. Problem is, many simply report a number without trying to ascribe some of it to mathematical artifact..As you can see from the image above and what the biomechanist said, markerless motion capture cannot capture pronation/supination.

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These athletes can probably tolerate higher workloads to develop velocity, due to lower stresses at the elbow and shoulder.

For example, a common issue that we have found that is a marker for injury is high angular velocity at the elbow and shoulder combined with low ball velocity.

This is an A minor league pitcher fit these definitions a few years ago after coming to us during rehab from bone chips in his elbow.

And from all we know about how important forearm rotation is in the pitching delivery, if we cannot capture this, that raises huge concerns.

Yet this doesn’t stop organizations and coaches using cameras and non-validated markerless methods to compute biomechanics, or worse, nonsense like drawing lines and angles on still images and calling it biometrics, biomechanics, or other buzzwords they lift from research papers they do not understand.

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