Vandals internet dating

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Now, with their album 'Hitler Bad, Vandals Good', they just want to make people laugh.

Surprisingly, The Vandals have a nice balance of both with songs like 'My Girlfriend's Dead' with lyrics that go - 'My girlfriend's dead you see, it's a total lie- but it's easier on me than having to admit that she likes someone else.' Then there's 'I've Got An Ape Drape, 'which throws out a plethora of adjectives for the short on top long on back haircut - 'Hockey Hair, Mullet, & Norco Neck Warmer, '. Internet Dating Superstuds album for sale As evidenced by the title, the Vandals haven't grown up at all on their 5th album, Live Fast Diarrhea.

This was beyond the wildest dreams of the young band from Huntington Beach, California. Solidified in 1989 with the addition of Josh Freese (The Vandals' own discovery), the band really didn't kick into high gear until 1995 when Offspring vocalist Dexter Holland signed them to his own label, Nitro Records, and the band hit the road full time booked by super agent Stormy Shepherd. With our booking agent and record deal in place, we could concentrate on making better music," admits Joe Escalante, bassist of The Vandals.

After playing the main stage on the entire length of the 2001 Warped Tour and its European cousin, the Extreme Fest- 2001, The Vandals just refuse to stop bringing their music directly to their loyal following.

After establishing their creative template on 1990's Fear of a Punk Planet and cutting fan favorites like 1998's Hitler Bad, Vandals Good and 2000's Look What I Almost Stepped In ..., the Vandals have rarely gone out of their way to break new ground, but they can slip into metal and punk styles when they feel like it, and their catalog includes detours into fractured country music (1989's Slippery When Ill, later reworked into The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes) and Christmas carols (1996's Christmas with the Vandals: Oi to the World). It featured signature early numbers like "Anarchy Burger (Hold the Government)," the local radio hit "Urban Struggle," and "The Legend of Pat Brown," about a real-life roommate of Escalante's who went after some undercover cops with his car at a Vandals show in Costa Mesa.) Another mystique to The Vandals is their virtual empire touching nearly all aspects of the entertainment industry and human life itself. * Dave still runs his own alcohol distribution company and employs people with Mohawks.* Warren further involved himself in the Tenacious D enigma by co-writing two songs featured on the hit movie "School Of Rock" starring Jack Black.All you really need is good songwriting, a decent touring schedule and some basic accounting skills...everything else will take care of itself.(Of course, it doesn't hurt to know a few people in the biz either.

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