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But Bendinelli said most of the images students drop to one another aren’t anything problematic. I would estimate 80 percent of Air Drops at school are memes and fun things to pass around.

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It’s far less time-consuming than sending a text or a DM, and you don’t need to create a giant group chat to send things out en masse. Air Drop is like a roving ephemeral message board that anyone in the area can contribute to.Belmont said when she was giving a presentation to a bunch of young girls interested in STEM two weeks ago, she received a bizarre meme Air Dropped to her computer mid-talk. It’s not unheard of for kids to blast out nudes (of themselves or others) and porn.Some kids bully one another by distributing compromising or unflattering photos of their classmates.Because Air Drop is a feature that is automatically included on every i Phone, not a social-media app, there’s no moderation or reporting tools, nor can anyone get banned from the service for sharing graphic or sexual images like you could on Instagram, for instance.Some schools have also had problems with students cheating via Air Drop.

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