Vfp validating data in different table

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Views have other, different advantages over SPT queries, as we will discuss later on in these notes.We ended up having a mixture of updateable and non-updateable views, both single record slices and vertical lists, and SPT queries.As I write this, I am using Visual Fox Pro 6.0 and beta 3 of SQL Server 7.0.As a result, I expect some things to be different, but this may be a good chance to identify the benefits (or disadvantages! In these notes I would like to: In the process, we will look at a few specific problems that we had, along with the solutions that we developed.My company was introduced to a new client who was embarking on an ambitious task: that of writing a new 32-bit Windows version of his successful DOS-based, non-Xbase vertical-market application.Most of his existing clients would have been happy with storing their data in regular Xbase tables, but one of them (who just happened to represent half his business), due to a "corporate directive", required that their data be stored in SQL Server.Any database platform-specific code would be placed in different sets of stored procedures stored in the appropriate DBC.This stratagem is crucial to being able to have a single codebase (without numerous CASE…

So, in the example application below, we will be using the DE rather than programmatically opening the views in the load.

(Security is taken care of in the business tier of the VFP application.) Our development team was made of both experienced VFP developers, and otherwise experienced developers with no Visual Foxpro or object-oriented programming experience.

I explained to the other members of the team about the Data Environment, and how in the past we have had trouble making our forms handle data from different datasets, and problems with hard coded explicit paths to tables.

Transparent access to many different types of back-end databases has been a promise of Visual Fox Pro’s view technology for a number of years now.

However it was not until recently (over the last year and a half) that I personally was able to test this ability of Visual Fox Pro in a real world application.

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