Victoria dating scene

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I was busy with work and then got serious with my now-gf!

She hasn’t responded to me on Instagram or via text, so I’m respecting where she’s at and wish her the best. ” Behind the scenes with @milakoren during the taping of Episode 6 of @netflix new show #Dating Around - we had a great time on our hot date and I have so appreciated the support and love. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ A post shared by Charlotte "CB" Glasser (@cbglasser) on Charlotte also revealed on her story that she and Ashley have been friends since before the show, supporting Ashley’s thesis that the lesbian social scene in New York is very small.

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She announced on her stories that she is “still single and learning how to eat.” A self-aware legend!

couples are together, but everyone who appeared on the show is becoming friends online.

Only time will tell if becoming influencers and dating people outside of their episodes is in their destiny, but for now, it seems like these newly visible New Yorkers are soaking up the attention.

All three of them are mutuals with Luke on Instagram.

Gurki continues to choose herself, and remains friendly with all the guys from her episode except Justin.

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