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There is also the same expectation that whilst men are the head of a household, women are actually the ones who hold the finances and keep the family together.

In the cities, more women are eschewing this expectation and a recent poll showed that around 95% of women who had a boyfriend had had sexual intercourse with them.

Though there are still strong traditional and cultural influences, Vietnam is not a prudish society when it comes to sex, just a discreet one.

It is illegal to produce, distribute, broadcast, import and advertise pornography in Vietnam and, as such, there are no legitimate adult film studios in the country.

Despite the law, the Vietnamese do enjoy a lot of porn and the top fifty most visited site in Vietnam include those that are adult in content (see porn viewing trends below).

Enforcement of the law and the requisite punishment varies depending on the extent of the crime.

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Sex education in Vietnam is poor and the country has high rates of abortion, STIs and HIV/AIDS.As a communist country, Vietnam allies itself closely to China and it is from its northern neighbours that the strongest cultural traditions are shared.At the heart of this culture are the four cornerstones of family, harmony, humanity and community.The main religion is Vietnamese Folk which takes much of its doctrines from China including Confucianism and Taoism.The country also has a large population of Buddhists.

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