Viggo dating ariadna 2016

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The power couple has been sharing a loving relationship from the past many years now. Mortensen and his longtime partner Gil are a devoted family member.

Although Mortensen returned to Spain without the gold trophy, he had Gil by his side for support.Most recently they were seen in downtown Manhattan in New York where they enjoyed quality time along with Gil's son, Leo Trueba.Mortensen and Gil reside in their Madrid house since the beginning of their relationship.“I don’t give them much, they don’t find what I do interesting,” he told in 2015. It’s annoying that they intrude in your life, but if you make it obvious that it doesn’t bother you or if you don’t put on a show for them, they’ll get tired and leave you in peace.” This attitude allows Mortensen to live life in the city like any other person, even if he does turn a few heads.From Madrid, the Hollywood star travels across the world for the cinematic projects that interest him (he is more committed to independent films than large studio ones).

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