Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

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I realise this may be going beyond what you initially intended for the language extension, but hope you might be able to address this.Most of my xml work is defining XSL transforms and writing and checking XSD definitions, as well as then using those XSDs to validate the resulting xml documents.I still think the ad-hoc association of the open file with a schema would be useful, even if it is just a front-end to your xml Associations settings ( file and optionally save setting for future use). XSD files aren't treated as XML by your extension, unless the language is set manually.Once the association is set, as soon as any XML file that matches the pattern is opened, the diagnostics will automatically appear.As you make changes to the document, the diagnostics will automatically update in real time. Having played around with this, I'm sure I will find it very helpful.Thank you "xml Associations": [ , ] @Colizobble Thank you for the feedback.

We have a schema declared on the root Page element, but it seems to be ignored at the moment.For me fully featured XML editor (Intelli Sense, validation, formatting, go to definition) is most important missing feature in Code.Would it be possible to reuse (or port to Type Script) XML language support from Visual Studio?I plan to release my extension to the marketplace in the coming week or so. So if you just want to try it, you can download it then from vscode marketplace. The error output is not that good, but - as I said - better then nothing. Ah, wish I'd seen this issue sooner; I built a managed language server for MSBuild intellisense which could be customised to provide generic XML intellisense: See the Language Server. If you happen to be concerned about performance, rest assured that this has been one of our main priorities. @Colizobble Java version 8 actually installs fairly quickly.We think that supporting the complete XML schema specification outweighs the Java installation inconvenience.

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