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Temperatures are well below zero, and north of town, a frozen lake layered in three feet of ice provides the perfect makeshift ice driving course.There, the V60 proves it’s more than just a warmed-over wagon, hoping to cash in on suckers – we mean, adventurous millennials – looking for an off-road-ish, crossover alternative.The steering is especially light and lacking in feedback, there’s a certain nose-heaviness to the handling balance but there’s plenty of grip from the large 19-inch tyres and if you really have to hustle on a twisting road the T6 gets the job done without fuss.The diesel is a bit less fun, partly because performance is somewhat less invigorating than an initial squeeze of the sensitive throttle pedal indicates, and for some reason the eight-speed auto was slow to react to driver inputs, say when accelerating out of a corner.

That’s about 100 litres more than the previous V60 and interestingly, even 25 litres more than the supposedly more usefully packaged XC60.

Sub-zero temperatures, packed snow, and ice-covered lakes are brutal environments for most vehicles.

But the 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country treats this frozen tundra like its own personal playground, gliding over ice, climbing steep banks, and kicking up snow in the process. Our proving ground is the brutally cold Swedish city of Luleå (pronounced: Loo-lay-oh), just 80 miles outside of the Arctic Circle.

Volvo Australia hasn’t revealed which drivetrains we’ll get here nor any indication of price but with the current range starting at around ,000 for the front-drive diesel, it’s a fair bet this bigger and better specified V60 will be north of that.

As well as the 2.0-litre diesel, the other main model will be the T6, which with its turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-litre petrol engine good for 228k W of power and all-wheel-drive into the bargain will be a juicier although more expensive temptation.

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