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Vietnam was previously a French colony so it’s the only Asian country where bread and cheese is commonplace.

The apex of drunk food is the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich which is delicious crispy French bread with meat inside, like a regular French sandwich, but with the Vietnamese twist of spicy vegetables.

Once you arrive, grab a taxi- Vinasun is the best non-rip off taxi company and go to the main tourist area, called Pham Ngu Lao.

There on all the side streets you can get a cheap hotel for - per night for something basic or a nicer one for - and then get to work.

Vietnamese people are cool, classy and smart as a whip.

There’s a reason that the Viet Cong whupped America’s ass, and that is that the Vietnamese people are very smart, practical, and effective.

I and many others have had to check in to brand new hotels late at night because we had a girl with us.

As a more conservative culture, the Vietnamese have less of a prostitution problem and typically the hookers are more easily identified as working girls.

Beware, that the fancy bars do indeed have lots of hookers, so use common sense when you meet a hot chick at a bar by herself at 2 AM.

They are also widely considered to be the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, and I can not disagree.

I also really prefer uptown, educated, classy girls and the Vietnamese girls are all that and more.

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