Who is camilla dallerup dating

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Taking turns to read a passage in English and Danish, it was a poignant and entertaining interlude.Then, looking into each other’s eyes, the couple recited their traditional vows before exchanging rings.Danish-born Camilla, who is as lively and excitable as Kevin is calm and laid back, described their relationship as “yin and yang”. “We’ve got some lovely friends, and they’ve all got a story with us and have been part of something special in our life,” said Camilla.Among those who had travelled to the island to celebrate were Camilla’s former co-stars on Strictly Come Dancing, including Erin Boag, whose own wedding last year in southern Italy was an inspiration.I had to take some deep breaths.” Give us a lift: Helping Kevin support hi bride are the male Strictly Come Dancing guests — professional dancers lan Waite and Darren Bennett, standing between Olympic swimmer Mark Foster and footballer Peter Schmeichel, both former contestants.SANCTIFIED UNION They were joined by humanist minister Anna Brooks, an American who has made the island her home and who conducted a ceremony that was both moving and intimate.“Face planted in sand is not a good look.” HERE COMES THE BRIDE Camilla, of course, didn’t disappoint.

Her cathedral-length veil was scattered with tiny Swarovski crystals and even her shoes had rhinestones.

Like any bride worth her salt, she kept her groom waiting.

After the bridesmaids had made their entrance, there was a timely pause that fuelled Kevin’s already fraught nerves. Then as the first strains of the Prince of Denmark s March began, a radiant Camilla appeared on the arm of her father Benni, who walked her down the aisle to join her groom.

The bride and groom had begun their preparations that afternoon at the luxurious Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, where they had been staying.

While Camilla enjoyed the camaraderie of her bridesmaids — her sister Jeanet, her close friend Andrea Nash and Jeanet’s daughter (and Camila’s niece) Michela, who was the flower girl — Kevin was trying to relax in the separate suite where he’d spent the night.

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