Who is candace parker dating

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"I knew people would have positive and negative reactions to it," she says. I needed to get over that." (She's showing signs; Parker squelched all talk of diaper ads early on.)She insists that her sponsors are uniformly happy. She palms a men's basketball."All of that helps Parker stand out on the court. "She could change the dynamics of women's sports," Thompson theorizes."Adidas told me they were going to sell more baby clothes," she says. "If they watch because of her, they'll see the rest of us." The burden of altering the entire course of women's professional athletics, of rewriting the rules of economic allocation, doesn't faze Parker: "In eighth grade, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a big picture of me on the sports page.Goodwin wants it known that he pursued Candace with the same ferocity he did Le Bron, making her the only female athlete who has received such attention from him.It's been reported that the deals he made for Parker with Adidas and Gatorade could fall in the range of million to million annually-not the 0 million he got for Le Bron, but not bad."Candace is a player both girls and boys want to be around." Then the subject of Parker's pregnancy comes up, and Orender sighs. "Parker will come back-and we'll have one more fan."Orender says that while Parker is the anchor of the league, the woman they are all counting on, she has never complained about the pressure."It's the miracle of life, and it doesn't always happen on your time schedule. In fact, Parker may have had her first and only crisis of confidence a few years back-at age 7, to be exact.Parker won't be satisfied until she is a household name. In January, Parker revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. And not just from a basketball standpoint."Mc Donald's agrees.

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Parker, her handlers attest so frequently that it has become a tic, will transcend her sport. Like Jordan before her, Parker is a cipher of sorts, nothing outsize or off-putting. Jim Gatto, head of global sports marketing for Adidas-which is releasing Parker's player-edition shoe, the TS Ace Commander, in 2010-sees her as an athlete who inspires women at all levels.

"I remember when we played at De Paul," says legendary Lady Vols head coach Pat Summitt. ' She was mature beyond her years."Parker's ambitions are large, but they don't broadcast that way. Not on the basketball court-although some might dare to dream-but in the arena that really counts in American sport: making bank.

"Candace was maybe 12, and she came up to me to get a picture. There is nothing crass or needy about her, nothing vulgar. And so far she has been able to do it by selling her game, not her body.

She comes from a place of quiet confidence-in herself, in life, in God. "She's already setting new standards," says fellow player Tina Thompson.

Parker knows in the end that everything will be just fine, as it always has been. But Candace is in a sport people don't pay much attention to. It's a vicious circle."WHEN YOU ARE the first, there is no measure. It is your face in the little box, the representation of a complete concept, the manifestation of an idea. "She's opening up doors a female player hasn't been through before.

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