Who is el debarge dating now

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Even before the Debarge came out in the 1980s they had two older brothers named Bobby and Tommy who were members in a music group named switch.Bobby was the oldest of the Debarge children and Tommy was the second oldest."A white man with a black woman…we were a freak show." They were married in 1953, two weeks before he was shipped out overseas.Etterlene says she’d never known brutality in her life — until she wed.Bobby and his younger brother Chico Debarge along with two other accomplices were arrested in Grand Raipds, Michigan on drug charges in late 1980s.The prosecutor’s office accused them of selling drugs.

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." (article titled – The rise and fall of the Debarge family – Episode 3) Bobby Had a lot of inner pain and it seems based upon what Chico, Bunny, and Mama Debarge are saying about living with Robert Debarge Sr. If Bobby was sexually molested by his father like Chico is saying it makes you wonder whether or not the alleged sexual abuse played a role in Bobby contracting AIDS.Only Bobby really knew the truth, and if he told someone or people how he got AIDS, it is, those people whom he felt comfortable telling.They may reveal or not reveal that Bobby told them how he got it.That statement would implicate Bobby as haven engaged in Homosexual activity or used needles to inject the drug heroin or both while in prison.Now only Bobby really knew how he contracted the AIDS virus. He is not saying that this is the exact reason but only a possibility. Bobby was such a great singer, and this is what we remember most about him.

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