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He knows how hard it is to get that good; he'd need to give up his poker career.But it shows the confidence the guy has and how skillful he thinks he can get." It also shows how big golf has become among gamblers.After all, he was a superstar at the table but a novice in the tee box.

Swedish pro Erik Sagstrom is so bullish on the game that he's invited wagers as to whether he can make the U. "He said it would have to be million to win 0 million.

But he is a little bummed: "Why can't I be shooting like this when I'm playing against Doyle for ,000 a hole?

" Among poker pros, it is largely agreed that the recent spate of golf action was kicked off by Texas Hold'em champ Phil Ivey.

No doubt, on his way toward the Open, Sagstrom, whether he makes it or not, would become sharp enough to win much more than million by gambling on the course.

The gumption of transplanted Parisian poker star David Benyamine is nearly as audacious as Sagstrom's.

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