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The talented 26-year-old from Co Meath joined new boyfriend Lightbody for her first public appearance since her professional split with Rice, at the open day of the Oh Yeah music centre in Belfast last Saturday.

It was even speculated that Lisa, who had been singing with ex-boyfriend Damien for over six years, left his tour to spend more time with Lightbody.Jonny is pictured with Sam Neill, the youngest member of the Pipe Band.Gary returned to the Music Department to speak with GCSE and A-Level Music students about his life in the music industry and is pictured with Ben Coulter.Gary Lightbody has not had a girlfriend in eight years. No-one could see the funny side of anything anymore.He’s a handsome rock star, the lead singer in Snow Patrol, known for great anthems of love and longing like Run and Chasing Cars, but still he’s single. ” says Lightbody with a wry smile, running a hand through his longish black hair. So I wanted to sort myself out before I started anything with anyone. “The period of time off just kept extending, it wasn’t meant to be this long. I didn’t know what to write about …” The deeper truth – as he subsequently tells it – is that Gary Lightbody got lost in a fog of drink, drugs and depression that drove him to think about the end of his own life, let alone the band. We’d been doing album, tour, album, tour, album, tour, album, tour.

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