Windows vista ultimate not updating

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It is set to notify me when updates are available but lets me decide when to download and install them.When the yellow shield pops up, I pick a convenient time and tell it to go do it using the custom option This lets me choose what to install (IE 8 and WGA aren't popular with my clients and a few are still deferring service packs).Please be as detailed as possible when submitting a solution or suggestion. As this is a Windows Update issue, you are entitled to free technical support from Microsoft, regardless of current warranty status. The MS support person in India had me report several things to him then reinstall Vista, which solved the problem.Given their abilities to better troubleshoot such issues using their own diagnostic tools and non-public reference databases, I recommend you to begin a new support incident. My other symtoms were Vista would not recognize my virus protection program nor let me run MS Defender. I wondered you been caught by Vista update problem for a week, which never occur for me.I get the Updates are ready for your computer and it goes away and starts the download automatically.For some reason, I never get a notification that the downloads are complete.Reinstalling windows is a pain and not only will you have to sit through the operating system reinstalling, but you'll also have to redownload drivers and reinstall programs.Depending on the devices and program you have, that can take a whole day of work.

So don't be hesitant to do reintall when you find any problem in Windows. If Vista Required a reinstall every 3-6 months there is no way I would ever reccomend it to anyone.

If you use this method, you know that the information bubbles disappear by default but I always click on them to monitor progress, so I can wathch the downloads and installs. If this isn't what you do, give it a try, it might work for you.

One client system doesn't work using this method - to be honest, I still haven't determined why but I have a clone of his system.

Windows Vista updates are available, but won\u0027t download and install I was hoping someone could help me fix Windows Update.

It\u0027s been months now since Windows Update on my Vista hasn\u0027t been functioning.

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