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Besides that, the encryption transmission (WPA) will also affect the wireless speed, but this is important for wireless security purpose.The minimum system requirements for the mobile user PC are: System hardware: PC or notebook support wireless Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g Adapter (Wi-Fi compatible)-PCMCIA, USB or built in (Centrino, etc).I have never encountered this with other wireless connections for which I have the password.Can anyone out there shed some light on this problem?Wi Fi Coverage for CFS There are 57 AP rigged throughout the campus.

If one is present, Windows XP will try to connect to it.This article assumes background knowledge in IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN and associated security technologies and the components of a Windows-based authentication infrastructure.For background information, see Wireless LAN Technologies and Microsoft Windows. I am trying to sign on to an existing internet connection from my XP.This is the first time I have tried to attach to this internet connection from this laptop.

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