Wsus server clients not updating

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The following will update, the Wsus App Pool (Wsus Pool) memory usage and CPU settings, the Client Web Service http Runtime settings and adds a new MIME Type.

You can either paste it into an elevated Power Shell window, or save it as a ps1 file.

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If you had already synced updates to WSUS for Windows 10, prior to the Hotfix 3095113 being released, this may apply to you.This is nicely explained in a blog post from back in 2008!If your WSUS is already in working order, your Windows 10 machines should be registering, but, will likely show no status for updates.The fix for that was easy, and required creating and populating that folder.The folder in question can be found here, C:\Program Files\Update Services\Self Update\WSUS3 inside here are 3 folders one for each architecture.

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