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If you begin the relationship moving toward girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or lover, then you don't have to fight as hard for what you want. Before going further, I would like to define the friend zone again.

Understanding the problem can help with the solution...

The 2005 film Just Friends features a main character (played by Ryan Reynolds) reunited after ten years with his friend (played by Amy Smart), who informs him that she loves him "like a brother", essentially dashing any hopes of him having her as a girlfriend.

MTV aired a reality show entitled Friend Zone from 2011 to 2013.

Writer Jeremy Nicholson in Psychology Today suggested that a romantic pursuer, in order to avoid being rejected up front, uses a ploy of acting friendly as a "back door" way into a hoped-for relationship.

When this method does not work, the pursuer consequently is placed in the friend zone.

but the person stuck in the friend zone is not fully satisfied.Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor A little over a year ago I wrote an article on how to escape the friend zone.In that article, I explained what the friend zone was, why it happened, and how to get out of it.In a nutshell, the friend zone person sold himself or herself short. One of the reasons people end up being "just friends" is that they are simply not attractive to the other person they desire.They gave their "friend" everything, without making sure they got everything they wanted in return. They only create feelings of Attachment/Comfort around them (like a good friend), without any Attraction, Lust, or Seductive feelings.

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