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I assumed most people quit AOL long before they went free. I had no idea that they kept running chats after that.

When I went to check, years ago, the places I hung out in were gone.

Police are also seeking a warrant to arrest another star, TV personality Jung Joon-young, over sex videos that he allegedly shared in social media chat rooms.

YG Entertainment, the company that manages Big Bang and Seungri, has seen its stock plummet 24.8 percent since Feb.

Seungri and several other artists were reported to be members of the mobile chat room where Jung sent videos of himself having sex with women.

Jung and Choi Jong-hoon, a member of band FT Island who was also alleged to have been in the chat group, announced they would retire.

I think in 2014, the only chat service still around is Facebook but I never hear much about it. evolution once folks got tired of AOL they moved on to the FREE Yahoo!

voice chat that lasted for a little bit then you had the message boards/ forums from Ultimate Bulletin Board and EZboard (i think they were some of the first) etc etc for years then of course the myspace people used myspace liked they used aol back in the day to setup "dates"I believe people still chat some on IRC or even certain websites.

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I think ICQ is heavily used by Russians and other people outside the US.On March 11, following reports that the celebrity had been charged with providing sexual services at his club, YG Entertainment saw its stock fall 14.1 percent.On the same day, Seungri announced on his Instagram account that he would retire from show business. Other Korean entertainment companies such as JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Cube Entertainment and FNC Entertainment also suffered losses as the scandals unfolded.AOL changed its brand from an ISP to an internet portal.I guess you can still use AIM if you like, but I don't know if it has chatrooms unless you create your own with other users.

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